The (little) Swedish Assignment – 21 art works together with children for the State of Sweden – September 2022

In connection with The Swedish Assignment, the Swedish state has asked for an additional benefit. A description of the Swedish children, their woes and fortunes, their immediate wishes. We can do whatever we want. And of course we make the world's largest book, 100 x 140 cm, 21 sheets, 21 pre schools, also for exhibition. And of course with the children.

Here is a sheet on it, where we gave them what is called a stutsmatta in Swedish, which is a trampoline. And then there was the jump! The most liberated thing you can do. The biggest opponent to anything that tasts of structure and now you have to to do. And as an almost mild, non violent, cultural activism, including a raised teasing index finger to the adults, they brought in 'fröken', as all children throughout Sweden call the educators regardless of whether they are female or male. The lady is standing on the lower mat on the right.
The big brown-beige thing that could look like a bell is another thing that you don't normally associate with flying around on a rug. Again the children, who in the inscrutable wildness of the game play it all a trick: It is the preschool (the one they go to) - that is, the entire preschool as a building, incl. equipment and good hand hygiene.

Yes, the Swedish children are doing well.