The Woods – Wallpainting project – August 2022

The idea is that you come walking in the corridor; you are heading towards the canteen, towards classrooms, etc., you walk like a lis' along, and THEN, at this section of the corridor, a path presents itself (suddenly), or rather a meshwork of paths (with a main path however), which runs out into the forest, under tree crowns, meandering paths, across slightly hilly forest floor, perpendicular to the footpath, away from the footpath. Magical, luminous path courses on soft forest floor.

The paths can be a picture of our collective paths (that's how I see it), this about what we choose, where we go, even just today, where we steer towards... the existential. Which applies both on a Tuesday in a given place and in our whole life.
The motif of the forest and the paths is also a break, a kind of peace and a world you (just) follow into. A sideways glance.
And a kind of time-influenced tribute to Nature.

And if you want, the wallpainting is also a spatial gimmick/illusion: As if the long corridor in this place actually has an opening directly into the landscape/nature. You 'fall'/'are being sucked' out of the corridor.

Somewhere in the forest, somewhere on the slightly hilly forest floor (which, by the way, waves and wobbles compared to the flat floor surfaces of the actual corridor, which I think is funny) a small situation is put into play. It has not been drawn on yet, but we think that in terms of surface it should not take up much space; that way we keep things calm. The situation, the small scene in the big scene, must have a quiet, understated weight.