Espresso machines and hand mixers for the KITCHEN SERIES Jan2012

We proudly release two new happy product categories designed for "The halfway silly yet very practical KITCHEN SERIES version1.0". The series now contains halfway silly yet very practical kitchen scales, olive oil cans, exiting recipies, hand mixers and espresso machines for your personal kitchen. 

What's next? According to what is on the worktables, it will be dishes like a late night snack and a bouillabaisse just about ready to be served. More coffee stuff and, talking about household machines, probably a nifty built-in oven additional to your ordinary oven. 

Oh, we forgot. Of course also new recipes, surely one on crème brulée.

Christmas grand art sale directly from the garage december 2011

We - I and Vera Svetlakova - are working in a former Automobile Inspection facility. A garage to put it simple. This year we have placed a caravan right in the middle of everything. It's not a car but still. We bought it from a Bavarian near Zugspitze. It once almost played a part in a James Bond movie ("On Her Majesty's Secret Service" - the one with George Lazenby), the French version, but that is a completely different story, something about after all a too long distance from Zugspitze to Switzerland (where most of the movie was shot) and insurmountable problems in Rechenpass. Anyway. After having chosen the red picture you prefer (you are after all participating in a Christmas perpetri art sale event) and after having even paid for it, you can enter the caravan and totally at ease quietly start thinking that you might should have chosen the green one instead. Sometimes four even five people are sitting inside the caravan, relaxed yet thoughtful.

The perpetri Christmas art sale version2011 welcomes you from Monday to Friday right until the 23rd December in the garage (the trendy Studio) on Karupvej Aarhus. Opening hours 10-16.

Aagaard wall from 2009 in a new black version november 2011

Still people outdoor dining, talking and almost partying in the foreground. Still three gasthof Alpenblicks clinging high up the mountain in crisp white snow. But now also with a late evening/by night feeling to it or whatever the massive black may indicate.

the San Marco Files begins november 2011

This is how "the San Marco Files" opens up. A new series at its beginning and named after the iconic San Marco square Venice. Coming with a European classic cut.

If the drawings were the drink you would very likely order in the combined lobby and bar of a two star very narrow hotel just next to the square, the ingredients would be: 1 part unbearable weight, 1 part silly happy silliness, and on top of that just that extra pinch of that unbearable weight. That is basicly a good cocktail. We think.

With titles like "Piano lessons in Paris", "Do you think my tits are big", "You have this odd charming Grenoble accent" and with stage directions like "light leaks out between the shutters" the San Marco Files hereby invites you to rest your head and feet and all unattended luggage under a lavish evening sky perfectly accompanied by airplanes for Zürich and almost inaudible echoes under the arcades.

The KITCHEN SERIES version 1.0 moves on - now with magnificient recipies Octobre 2011

Le Patron (3. fra venstre/højre) går faktisk så langt som til at sige, at de styrer for vildt. Opskrifterne.

The KITCHEN SERIES version 1.0 now available on Gourmet Garagen/Svineriet Aarhus September 2011

One third of The Kitchen Series version 1.0 moves into the backyard good food universe of Gourmet Garagen/Svineriet. Grand opening Saturday 17 September with a nice combination of Italian autumn sparkling wine, autumn not sparkling wine, autumn cheese and "The halfway silly yet very practical KITCHEN SERIES version 1.0". Hereafter ongoing watch 'n take exhibition right until New Years eve.

The KITCHEN SERIES version 1.0 is now available on CASANOVA.DK September 2011

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Competition entry: Art Decoration project for Gentofte Hospital/Kunstudsmykning til Gentofte Hospital, Copenhagen July 2011

The hospital is right in the middle of everything / Hospitalet er lige i midten af det hele is the title of this Art Decoration project for a large hospital in Gentofte north of Copenhagen. Indicating that there is no reason why art decoration in a hospital should not connect directly, unpretentious and informal to LIFE in all its aspects as it folds out right inside and right outside the hospital. Balloons landing in the atrium (from the nearby balloon association), a typical barbecue evening in a typical Gentofte garden setting, a dream about being Jaques Costeau (which most of us has had), a sudden notion that right here in this corridor one is reminded of being in that cosy Gasthof interior with fireplace and wooden ceiling from last summer holiday. In each of the decorations complemented by passing by nurses, orderlies, doctors and patients on these cute small special transport vehicles always on their way from one hospital ward to another. No bronze torsos here with silly oppressing titles like Hope of Rebirth, just real life with humour, poetry and openings attached. No dull misunderstood respectfully cautious, but in fact depressing, pastel colors here, just vivid vibrant clear blue, red, yellow, green (in honour of the probably best Danish hospital art decoration ever, you know, the one at Herlev hospital, also Copenhagen, done by Poul Gernes). 

69 KØKKENSERIE-billeder 69 KITCHEN SERIES-works July 2011

Den halvfjollede men også superpraktiske KØKKENSERIE version 1.0 29 Olivenoliedunke, 20 Køkkenvægte og 20 Opskrifter. Lige til at sætte op i køkkenet, hvor de kan gøre stor nytte og lyse om kap med de køkkenting man i forvejen sætter pris på.

Hvem har ikke brug for en ekstra dunk olivenolie når man er løbet tør (for olivenolie)? Hvem kunne ikke tænke sig en ekstra køkkenvægt hvis den i skabet er i udu, eller der pludselig er rigtig meget der skal vejes af? Hvem synes ikke det er godt med en opskrift på Osso Buco hvis ikke man orker at gå på nettet eller man bare synes det er spændende at lave mad direkte fra et billede? Det er her KØKKENSERIEN kommer ind. Ret epokegørende.

Den nye KØKKENSERIE fungerer lige super i DK som i 17.arrondissement. Bortset fra at man i 17.arrondissement måske ikke kan forstå hvad der står skrevet på billederne, fordi en hel del står på dansk, men det er en helt anden snak.
Mere info klik: KØKKENSERIE Close UP

perpetri commisioned to do a large art decoration project in Malmö June 2011

Art Decoration project Malmö perpetri has made a concept for decorating the new Caroli Shopping- and Culturecentre in Malmö, Sweden. The project carries the almost Jaques Tati-like title: "The Route of Monsieur". Right now perpetri finishes the design for the first of a number of interior and exterior facades to come.

This is olive oil cans April 2011

Kitchen Stuff project in progress 2 Our Vera Svetlakova - the only employee (half-time) at perpetri (apart from Per Petri himself) - is for the first time fond of something from the work tables of perpetri. Vera likes the colours and the things written on the cans. For the first time, she says, there is nothing too thoughtfully and incomprehensible silliness about the drawings. I don't think she is quite fair. At least the kitchen scales (also from the Kitchen Stuff project) should be included in her I-like-category.

perpetri commisioned to portray Bruxelles March 2011

The big european cities project perpetri recently received a phone call from an important resident in the Belgian capital Bruxelles. 'Can you make a picture of Bruxelles ?', while you clearly could hear he was eating what we suppose to be a Belgian waffle/ a gaufre belge. So be it. We have this certain weakness for Belgium and we will do our best to portray mysterious Bruxelles in a dramatically foolish yet very serious way. We will start out with a site visit, having a gaufre belge ourselves.

'A festive evening except perhaps for Claude' - All of Us scene no.5 March 2011

The Basic All of Us Papers 1-10 A rough version of scene no.5. Clearly still some balancing and colouring to do. The reason why it is not that festive for Claude - not to be confused with Jean Paul (Claude) from scene no.1 - is that Claude as the only one thought one should come dressed. He feels awkward in his bear costume. We know they are right now listening to Sergio Mendes. To follow up on that we have to add some deep yellow-red-orange-black-blue-violet coloured rectangles somewhere in the picture. That will probably intensify the overall evening atmosphere as well. We look forward to bring you that final coloured version no.5 just as we look forward to bring you the coming scene no.6 (also picked up from everyday life) where a lot of businessmen on outdoor team building course try to hide behind some trees.

nb. Is the red stipulated line just for decoration? Yes it is. Almost. We are very sorry about that. It will probably be deleted. Also because it is a bit hard on Claude (who already has plenty to see to) insinuating that he is the one to blame for the fancy glass (actually the rocking glass by Normann Copenhagen we believe) just left directly on the floor. By the way in itself a silly detail, the thing about the glass - maybe we should delete that detail as well.

All of Us scene no.4 in a perhaps cooler version March 2011

The Basic All of Us Papers 1-10 Just for a moment we enjoy leaving our self inflicted rules for the All of Us-series. This about having Mie Sofie actually sitting on a chair in the garage of scene no.4 for instance. What happens if we simply delete her from the picture and write AUTO instead. Doesn't it leave more room for the good garage atmosphere. Doesn't it leave more room for intriguing questions, so as: Where is the lady? After all you can still see her handbag on the floor. Has she gone for doing some shopping while they fix the car? Has she gone to the bathroom? Apparently not, while the door is still open. And by the way: Is there an airport close by? The airplane you can see through the skylight descending, indicates an airport. Doesn't it? Or is it just passing by?

'He is just changing the tires' - All of Us scene no.4 March 2011

The Basic All of Us Papers 1-10 We have scene no.4 ready. This scene - as the 3 previous ones - still operates with the ambition to portray everyday life with a natural twist. Something which we take very seriously. This time we are dealing with good garage mood. Please enjoy Mie Sofie who thinks they are only changing the tires. Scene no.4 is rather modest regarding colour. We think it is all plenty with brown and a dash of red, also considering that with this picture we are for the first time in history seeing a garage in art. Actually outrageous if you think about it. It is like art has been turning the blind eye to these places. The same goes for kitchens, supermarkets and indoor parties. We try to get hold on that. Speaking colours (lots of colours) and indoor parties please look forward to the coming scene no.5 with the working title: 'A festive evening except perhaps for Claude'.

perpetri published in Rouleur Magazine February 2011

The Cycling Project part 6 Look out for Rouleur Magazine issue 22. It is being released round the world these days. Rouleur is the worlds finest cycle racing magazine and the Four Danes Group,  Jørgen Leth, Jakob Kristian Sørensen, Morten Okbo and perpetri are contributing with a special thing. 4 individual spots on the art of Time Trialling. 

The perpetri part goes under the title 'The Basic Time Trial Papers 1-5'. The 5 Papers goes for a bit by bit description of the very essentials (and maybe not so essential essentials) about the time trial rider, what's inside the time trial rider, what's around the time trial rider and so on, as he hurtles through the landscape. In style and spirit 
like kind of (legendary) notes, by the way recently recovered in various mundane places round Europe. Actually a Basic Paper no.6 still needs to be recovered to make the series complete. It is supposed to depict a time trial seen from above and should bear the obvious title 'The Riders go round' (as they mostly do in a time trial). The latest assumption (regarding the hiding place of the sixth Paper) points out the rear end of a garage just south of Milan. That's what we have heard, so stay tuned. 

The Basic Time Trial Papers 1-5 aim at catching not only cycling matters but Life in general. The Basic Time Trial Papers 1-5 favour the horizontal because the riders move horizontally through the landscapes (well, you know what I mean, the movement is horizontal, well, apart from when riding in the mountains, now it gets complicated). The Basic Time Trial Papers 1-5 go for the thrilling bright, powerful mix of colours we know from the world of cycling.

The Rouleur Magazine issue 22 is available online Rouleur Magazine, Rapha and in stockists round the world. If you are in Denmark go for Wood Wood Copenhagen. Leth, Jakob, Morten and perpetri will meet and celebrate one of these evenings and probably talk about what on earth to come up with when the classics set in.

The Basic Time Trials Papers are for sale/ exhibition perpetri considers the current five Basic Time Trial Papers as artworks which will do super well on a wall. We have tested it, as you see in the picture above. Mr. Jakob Kristian Sørensen, by the way, walking. So for sure they are for sale / exhibition through a direct perpetri studio-to-customer/collector/exhibitor-connection. We propose a large scale framed print (one exclusive large scale framed print on industrial tarpaulin - basicly the Freitag bag material - per Basic TT Paper, size could be 3x4 metres). For any request please feel free to contact perpetri.